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We are the leading Real Estate Professionals in Ghana helping our clients to make the smartest decisions in Real Estate. We have helped many clients buy and sell properties at the best value

We are in business to help you buy or sell your home. Talk to us tody!

About Us

We are a comprehensive team of dedicated real estate professionals helping our clients to make the smartest real estate decisions. 

When you collaborate with Helidem Properties, you receive a high standard of real estate services from top Realtors in Ghana. Our specialized professionals deliver impeccable results by delivering their expertise for individual client needs. 

Each one of our members provide unique and powerful contributions that include value passed on to every client. We are truly passionate about what we do and deliver a plethora of incredible skill, knowledge and dynamism. 


Helidem Properties offers the following services, Sales and Marketing of homes, lands and businesses, pricing of property, negotiation, Property inspection services on behalf of clients, property staging, property management and many more.

When you need to sell your home quickly or buy a property, we at Helidem Properties are leading realtors who can make your dream come true. 

We believe in delivering the fastest and most efficient selling services and the confidence to do so within a reasonable timeframe at the greatest value.

We exist to help you find the best properties in the best locations at the best price. Speak to us today!

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